I’ve never been to confession, and for curious people, who have a knife in their hand, I feel only pitty!


with my return after a couple of weeks off i talk about the Lucio Fulci mess house by the Cemetery and Ruggero Deodato classic House on the Edge of the Park. i also got some emails.

the song on todays show is from nico called these days. http://smironne.free.fr/NICO/

the promo is from the guys over at Destroy All Podcasts DX. there a show about anime but they also do shows about sonny chiba and weirdo video games. check them out at: http://www.collectiondx.com/taxonomy/term/692/0 check out james podcast at: http://www.thedriedbloodpodcast.podomatic.com/ also check out brother D’s podcast out like he needs it at: http://www.mailorderzombie.com/

if you would like to email me you can at: motionpicturemassacre@gmail.com add me on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mpmassacre



About motionpicturemassacre

a film junkie, nerd, drunkard

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