state of the podcast

yeah yeah i know this is late but ill get into that here. listen to the slack session. its mostly me bitching about doing a podcast, podcasters, bad horror movies and the future of the show. i hope you enjoy this silly show.


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  1. Vaughn,

    Loved this show. This is when you are your best, shooting the shit and speaking your mind. Absolutely Golden, man. And i agree with many of your thoughts. Hope to hear more like this, man!!!

  2. Hey brother . . . I’ll call in later this week, but I wanted to post a quick note to ya’ . . .

    GREAT show. I’ve been a fan of your show from the beginning, Vaughn . . . Good stuff.

    As for the link on my page – man, I blew that, didn’t I? Didn’t mean to . . . I remember you announcing the website change and all. I just fell behind on updating the Friends of the Show section of the MOZ website, and I’ll be sure to fix the link right now!

    And as for the recent MOZ promo – man, I didn’t realize everyone was going to play it practically the same week! I’m grateful for the support, but, wow . . . MOZ did get smeared all over the podosphere all at once . . . ! My hope is that the promo gets played more than once, not all at once!

    Okay, off to fix that link . . .

    – D

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