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New show, same host. Metal Mikey bring the pain with some voice mails. reviews for House of Blood and Rusted Body: Guts of a Virgin III.

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  1. You’re an idiot.
    Do you think it’s at all possible for you to complete a sentence without adding “FUCK” 15 times? It doesn’t make you funny, or tough, it makes you sound un-educated and childish.
    You call all these shows and act like you’re above other podcasts because you don’t mention your name or ask for votes but you’re full of it. These guys are out there doing it for free, of course they want votes and listeners, why would they do it if not for listeners?
    Do me a favor, stop calling shows, I’m sick of hearing your voice.

  2. Wow. if anyone in the history of stinky vags ever needed the Douchecast, it’s Terri. Allow me to offer an intelligent and well thought out counterpoint to your comment. Good spelling, that’s rare these days.

    For starters, you’ve mistaken Vaughn, the angry gnome of New Jersey, with Stephen, the fucking angry mothman of West Virginia. Vaughn has a nasal sounding voice, but serious who cares? He’s got a mind of limitless ability, a memory that never fails him, and a unique and insightful perspective on films and the genre fringe that make his show more addictive than crack cocaine. It’s a shame that you miss out on all that Vaughn’s show has to offer, because you might come away a wiser person for it.

    As for Vaughn not asking for votes, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. When Stephen joking spurred all of the Douches and their listeners to send a lot of votes Vaughn’s way, he was pissed. He does the show because he loves genre film and wants to share it. If you don’t like it, unsubscribe and go listen to the show we all know you’re writing to defend.

  3. Vaughn… I love you… like really. No shit. If it weren’t for the risk of getting our beards intertwined, I’d give you a big kiss on the cheek.

  4. Terri unjam your fucking tampon and back off go eat some fucking tofu and shut the fuck up!! There that alone has to be more childish than Vaughns last 10 shows so give me shit if you are not intelligent enough to understand his show for what it is. If you cannot recognize the intelligence and insight and humor and personality Vaughn brings to podcasting then well…….. What the fuck are you doing listening to podcasts in the first place now go have some fucking organic cheese and have a nice shit!

  5. If I may add my 2 cents.
    I agree that 15 fucks in a sentence is pretty lame. 18 is my minimum.
    I think Vaughn’s point is a little different than “Hey my name is X from show Y.” and then contributing something to show Z. When someone calls show Z and contributes nothing to the show other than “My show, my show, my show…” gets a little annoying. You ever talk to someone who talks about nothing but themselves, and when you try to change the subject they steer it back to themselves?
    Some of us feel that, as a matter of courtesy, if you are going to call a show, it should be to contribute to THAT show, not your own. That votes and reviews should be earned and not coerced and bought. That podcasting is a hobby and done out of enthusiasm for the topic, not as a desperate cry for attention.
    But, different strokes, I guess.

  6. As podcasters, we’re all attention whores — or else we wouldn’t be podcasting. Some just A LOT more than others, that’s for sure. And I actually do consider myself “above” (philosophically) a lot of other podcasts because I’m not so desperate and lame that I beg for votes and ratings and use retarded tag lines and think I’m the next Howard Stern. Deal with it.

  7. I would love to bag some more on Terry but it seems everyone else has really summed it up. This episode was great. Once again Vaughn has turned me on to something I probably never would have found w/o him. I’m looking forward to watching all of Ittenbach’s work. Vaughn, you’re the shit, keep ’em coming.

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