So where have i been……


Where does the time go. its been just about a month and i told you i will return. im a little rusty and im recording it late at night so if the sound sounds like shit blame that. things talked about in the show: what have i been doing, some hate mail (a big thaks to all who commented on that post. it means alot to me that someone has my back) some feedback (metal mikey if you sent in a voicemail i think i lost it, sorry dude) Zombieland, fiend without a face, eyes without a face and stuff about my family. Over all a normal show.

also heres the link for The Mad Magazine TV Special for 1974:

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  1. Renegade podcasting, getting something together for the minions. Always enjoy your show, recorded bedside or not. Eyes W/O A Face is now on my list of movies to watch. Nekromantik 2 is on the hard drive per your recommend as well as Guinea Pig 2, Irreversible, Visitor Q, & Begotten. Haven’t heard your opinions on these, would love your insight. We spoke briefly about the outrageous cost of Nekromantik (112.00), Begotten, new is listed for 700.00 bucks on amazon, fucking crazy.

  2. Dang dude… Glad to see that you’re still alive! Busy with wedding stuff? Understandable… Make sure that this marriage works so we don’t get another layoff from you 🙂

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