Letter Bomb – Circle Jerks
Mikey Says – Full Of Fancy
Grim Grey Gods – Crom
Reggiemania – The Browns
Sad Girl – The Lemonheads
Candy Wrapper – The Makes Nice
New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones – Fear
Children Of The Night – Calabrese
Animated Corpse – Tilt
Warriors – Judge
Nature Boy – Nat “King” Cole
Neo Geo: Four Bright Buttons & Two Joy Sticks – Keith Apicary
Behind the House (Demo) – Neko Case
Song of the Sea – Cake Bake Betty
When I Was A Young Girl – Feist
She Is Beautiful – Andrew W.K.
Dr. Guillotine – The Coffin Daggers
Born to Be Cheap – Divine
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around – Johnny Thunders
Minstrel Sunday – Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge
Secret Launguage – Mobius Band
Night Comes Creeping – Screaming Trees
Corpse Gindin’ Man – Harley Poe
The Teeth Collector – Pretty Girls Make Graves
Pictures Of Matchstick Men – Camper Van Beethoven
I wish you were my Home – Corn Mo
Faust – Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams
Harvey – Amos

About motionpicturemassacre

a film junkie, nerd, drunkard

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  1. Great music, movies. Varied and ecclectic.. Neko Case is being downloaded as well as Vomit Dolls. Looking forward to your Fulci episode. Seven Doors Of Death (alt Titles) is my favorite. New York Ripper just arrived on Blu-Ray which I’ve never seen, so I’ll let you in on my opinion. Put all of your recommends from Lars Von Trier, previous to Antichrist on the queue. I really want to know what you think of his latest. Deer birth complications, cliterectomies, and a badger/possum that speaks to me directly kinda freaked me out. “Chaos Rules”

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