Don’t expect me to touch your eels.


After some rest there is a new show. movies talk about on todays show are rites of frankenstein and the tim drum.

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  1. Vaughn! You’re going to have to give in and get a blu ray player. I finally caved because every disc I’ve bought this year only has extra features on blu ray, nothing on the DVD versions. (Bastards.) After looking around a while and getting advice on the twitchfilm forums I settled on a Sherwood BDP-5004 for about $150, not bad. After entering a hack code it plays every non-region 1 disc I throw at it, including PAL.

  2. Just listened to the episode, today, and really enjoyed it. (Yeah, I did try leaving a voice mail, but for some strange reason, the number just didn’t work for me.) I did want to throw out the suggestion that I’d be all for more Jess Franco coverage. I’m not saying he’s a brilliant director, but there’s something about his movies that I just find a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe it’s just the hot women and plentiful boobs. Go figure. But keep it up, and I look forward to hearing the next episode when I get it downloaded!

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