Massacre Video is setting up for a new release none other then Orozco the Embalmer

“This is the ugly, unpleasant, cold-hard truth. It isn’t something that can be easily dissected or analyzed, rather this is something that can only be experienced on a personal level to understand and appreciate what Tsurisaki has managed to create.” – Preston Carnell(Film Bizarro)


In 1996, Tsurisaki Kiyotaka, one of Japan’s most infamous death photographers, ventured into the center of Hell itself- the Rue Morgue neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia. With death and murder rampant, the corpses eventually find their way to embalmer Froilan Orozco, who has been tending the dead for over 50 years.

It only makes sense the two would become acquaintances. Over the next few years Kiyotaka filmed Orozco at work, embalming everyone from murder victims to the elderly. Orozco the Embalmer (Orozco el Embalsamador) is the result, a gut wrenching look at corpses and the man who prepares them.

DVD Specifications
-Original Spanish Audio
-Removable English Subtitles
-Words with the Director
-Extensive stills gallery with over 140 photos
-Reversible “gore” cover
-Fold out poster


Limited Editions
-Orozco the Embalmer Large Hardbox(Limited to 100 copies, two covers “gore” cover and “tame” cover. Hand numbered to 100 each, 50 of each cover. Also included poster, pin, stills, stickers and more!)
-Orozco The Embalmer “Yellow Bile” VHS(Limited to 100 copies.)

Also being release is Glen Coburn’s classic film “Bloodsuckers from Outer Space”. Bloodsuckers from Outer Space will be VHS only release on a “Bloodsuckers Blue” tape, it will be limited to 50 copies.


Pre-orders begin March 1st, 2012 at Noon(EST)

Orozco the Embalmer Large Hardbox: $45
Orozco the Embalmer VHS: $30
Orozco the Embalmer Standard DVD: $20
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space VHS: $30

To order:
For more information on Massacre Video…

i was a big fan of there release of 555 so you know ill be picking this one up as well. plus i dont normally  put shit on the website so you know im hyped about this. so show Louis some love and pre order this piece of art. 


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