Jesus was never meant to die. He failed.

listen as I talk about the Two dramas from 1981. First up is Ticket to Heaven and to round this out is Circle of power. all music show is from The Frogs R.I.P.


The Very Last Christmas Show

listen as I talk about the Two christmas horror movies. 1990’s 3615 code pere noel aka game over and 2015’s all through the house.

Doing that time in there didn’t do a damn thing for you, did it? You were an asshole then and you’re a ‘bigger’ asshole now!

listen as I talk about the Two action films Eye of the Tiger from 1986 and I come in peace aka Dark Angel from 1990.

disemboweled dogs

listen as Ken from McBastards Mausoleum and myself talk about the Lucio Fulci Classic A Lizard in a Women’s skin and Girls nite out aka The Scaremaker.

A guitar beats a woman every time.

listen as Stephen Thompson and myself talk about A Face in the Crowd from 1957 and The Boys From Brazil.

Oh come on! You had a boring job, girl and life. Look at you now

listen as i babble about The Vagrant from 1992 and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama from 1988

Well you listen and you listen well, you’re damaged merchandise and this is a fire sale.

listen as i babble about lady terminator and scum of the earth 1963

State of the podcast 2016

listen to my state of the podcast.

The Strangeness (1985)

listen to this babel. The Strangeness from 1985 is on the docket today. i think i said i would post the links for the podcast i mention but in to bored to look them up.

the first real heavy-metal fable

listen to this babel. Izo and Sonny Boy are on the docket today.