We play on Friday. Once you start retreating, life will drag you down.

listen to me babble about GI Samurai from 1979 and Pretty Maids all in a Row from 1971


Watch and weep, you furry fucker.

listen to me babble Of unknown origin from 1983 and Coma from 1978. plus all the bullshit this within the 20 or so minutes.

The Del Tenney fun time hour

listen to this fun time. Del Tenney was a was an American actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. I talk about three of his films Psychomania (a.k.a. Violent Midnight), The Horror of party beach and The Curse of the Living Corpse

she’s sweet, sixteen, and she simply loves her daddy….. she’ll slaughter you if you love him too.

listen as I babble about Julie Darling from 1983 and City of Lost Souls from 2000.

We could eat a baby’s butt through a park bench.

listen as I talk about Michele Soavi first Stage Fright form 1987 and John Belushi last film Neighbors from 1981.

A Psycho-Sexadelic Horror Freakout!

listen as I talk about the Jess Franco Classic Vampyros Lesbos and the under seen horror film Cruse of the Blue lights.

Jesus was never meant to die. He failed.

listen as I talk about the Two dramas from 1981. First up is Ticket to Heaven and to round this out is Circle of power. all music show is from The Frogs R.I.P.

The Very Last Christmas Show

listen as I talk about the Two christmas horror movies. 1990’s 3615 code pere noel aka game over and 2015’s all through the house.

Doing that time in there didn’t do a damn thing for you, did it? You were an asshole then and you’re a ‘bigger’ asshole now!

listen as I talk about the Two action films Eye of the Tiger from 1986 and I come in peace aka Dark Angel from 1990.

disemboweled dogs

listen as Ken from McBastards Mausoleum and myself talk about the Lucio Fulci Classic A Lizard in a Women’s skin and Girls nite out aka The Scaremaker.