The Derricks are coming the massacres are here!!!!!!

Listen as i and Derrick from All the Gimmicks, Podcast and orgy castle and Astro Radio Z sit down and fight out our feeling about Andy Milligan. the films “discussed” during the podcast were The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! from 1972 and The Weirdo aka Weirdo the beginning 1989. enjoy or dont.


Beyond The Living … Beyond The Half pipe!

Listen as i talk about twice dead from 1988 and machotaildrop from 2009.

State of the Podcast 2018

Listen if you want or don’t. it isnt really fun.

Motion Picture Massacre Christmas Special

Listen sit near an open flame and talk shit about good people spending there free making movies. the flicks on the chopping block tonight are Christmas Presence aka Why Hide from 2018 and BLood Beat from 1983. plus a bunch of good tunes. have fun.

Since when does a soap opera control the future of the country?

Listen as i bullshit about the Afrofuturist science fiction film space is the palace staring sun ra and the satirical comedy about anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States the second civil Directed by Joe Dante.

Dan Curtis was here

Listen i bullshit about the two dark shadows films. house of dark shadows from 1970 and night of dark shadows from 1971. plus the onther trash i talk about.

Douchecast 5K: Vic Morrow’s drunken kinky white guy fro!

Listen as we get turned by fishman rape, bullshit about the elections and the only podcast where you don’t really understand why these guys hang out.


Listen to this bullshit halloween podcast.. movies talked about are The Legend Nigger Charley form 1972 and Sheba Baby from 1975. don’t get upset with the amount N words said in the epside. i know some asshole will lose there shit but oh well…

The Cirio Santiago double feature

Listen as i babble about a little talked about film master Cirio Santiago!!!!!! The two film discussed are Vampire Hookers aka Night of the bloodsuckers from 1978 and Death Force aka Vengeance is Mine aka Fighting Mad also from 78.

Douchecast 5K: Let ogle Christina Lindberg

Listen as we miss understand the meaning of great cinema. talk shit about the film mike picked. sex and fury is on the chopping block this month. i did some editing this month so if it sounds like shit blame Stephen for not showing up.