The Cirio Santiago double feature

Listen as i babble about a little talked about film master Cirio Santiago!!!!!! The two film discussed are Vampire Hookers aka Night of the bloodsuckers from 1978 and Death Force aka Vengeance is Mine aka Fighting Mad also from 78.


Douchecast 5K: Let ogle Christina Lindberg

Listen as we miss understand the meaning of great cinema. talk shit about the film mike picked. sex and fury is on the chopping block this month. i did some editing this month so if it sounds like shit blame Stephen for not showing up.

Douchecast 5K Classic: Drag me to hell and Crash

the sound on this episode sound is a fucking mess. i hope you like it. you wont!!!


Douchecast 5K Classic: Martyrs

This Episode was recorded on June 15 2009. its a humble start to a crazy time for us all. so listen to us bullshit like we were born to do it.


Arabella vacations at Decapitation Island

Listen to me babble on about two films Metal Mikey sent me a long time ago. Arabella: black angel and Decapitation Island are on the chopping block. enjoy if you want or don’t.

Douchecast 5K Devil Girl from Mars

Listen as everyone but me hates the movies i pick. devil girl from mars is up this month. still no jeff, paper computers, real names, new marriages and the same dumb shit you expect from us.

the transfigruation of nightbirds

Listen as i bullshit about vampire films. The Transfigruation from 2016 and Nightbirds from 1970.

DoucheCast 5K: The Sam/Max Hell films

Listen as your hero’s the douches babble on about the Donald G. Jackson post-apocalyptic mutant frog-people films Hell comes to Frogtown and its sequels. What fresh hell did jeff crazy get the remaining guys into? how many burps can you count?

Torture, torture! It pleasures me!

well i’m back to help you with your boners. tonight show is about 1969 Twice a Judas with the madman himself Klaus Kinski and 1965’s nudie cutie Orgy of the Dead.

Douchecast 5K: The Baytown Outlaws

In madcap episode of the douchecast 5k. The boys babble on about the 2012 film The Baytown Outlaws. I think they really have out the kinks worked out and are running at full tilt tonight.