Meatballs: Full Franchise Fest

Like the title of the episode suggests this is all the Meatballs films. but ive asked some great people to be a part of this:

Dan Budnik of Eventually Supertrain covering Meatballs

Lee Russell of They Must Be Destroyed On Sight covering Meatballs Part 2

Matt Simpson of Movie Melt/Songs on Trial covering Meatballs 3: Summer Job

Parker Bowman of Junk Food Dinner covering Meatballs 4

This also marks my 42 year of this planet so I wanted to be a little self-indulgent. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did putting it together.

If you’d like to get in touch with me Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

Films from the Black List: Cop Out and The Beaver

The summer of guest hosts continues this time with Comic Book Writer Matt Anderson. This time we tackle two of the Black Lists most problematic films. Copout from 2010 and The Beaver from 2011. We also go into what the black list is and a little what we watched. Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

The Films of David Cronenberg

In the first episode of an ongoing series this podcast is going to take a look at the films of Canada most know filmmaker David Cronenberg. Lets start with his experimental films Stereo from 69 and Crimes of the future 1970. Helping me this time around is Daniel Segura from The Moustachioed Podcastio. Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

Alan Moore’s The Show

So the title Explains exactly what I’m talking about this time. But I couldn’t do it alone. I asked Lee from They must be destroyed on sight podcast on to talk about this film. Go check out lee’s great show. its about damn time I had him on. Plus what we watched and some feedback. Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

Happily, we have this intelligence, this heavenly gift, which enables us to fight our instincts.

This time its a grab bag episode. Terror at the Red Wolf Inn from 72 and Borowczyk’s The Beast from 75. Also the watchlist and other things. Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

The Films of Hiroyuki Kitakubo

Back after a fun vacation and a heartbreak I return with this. The bonebat filmfest is talked about and other things. Roujin Z and Blood: The Last Vampire. Email: Voicemail: 732-639-1435

Douchecast 5K: Ken Russel’s The Devils

You guys wanted more of this so here. This time Stephen, Mike and Vaughn talk about the controversial 70’s film The Devils. Need I say more. Listen or don’t!

The Resurrection of Fulci: Conquest and Muder Rock

Easter is a time for family and for some its a time to celebration of the coming of the lord but for this podcaster its a day to celebrate the Maestro Lucio Fulci. This time around I have two doozies for ya. his fantasy sword and sandal film Conquest from 83 and his fame meets Giallo Murder Rock: Dancing Death from 84. send feedback: Email Voicemail: 732-639-1435

 One of the flowers died when it touched her grave.

After a bit of a hiatus I’m back with three films from the 60’s. Teenage Mother, Dementia 13 and A smell of honey a swallow of Brine. Also watch I’ve watched and voicemails. To leave feedback call: 732-639-1435 Email:

Oh yeah? one quick hump and you’d be in the hospital honey.

Returning Champion Mike Justice comes back on the show to talk about Woopsie Goldberg?!?! Really guys!!!! Fatal Beauty(87) and The Telephone(88). Leave me Feedback: Call: 732-639-1435 Email:


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